Vicki’s lessons are like no music lessons I’ve had before…

Before I started taking lessons I imagined I’d be in a room with a teacher and a metronome, being interrupted every time I made a mistake and being told to always stay in time. Being told to do each lesson and perfect it before moving on to the next one. In a nutshell, I thought it would be a very linear process – one lesson from a book after the next. How wrong I was! Vicki’s lessons are like no music lessons I’ve had before (I learned to play the keyboards too). Every time I go to a lesson we are learning something new and interesting. We explore new techniques such as picking, note naming exercises and learning licks. We also explore different musical styles, such as the blues. We have monthly jam classes (when possible) where the students get together and jam along to (usually) completely new material which is always a lot of fun. I can now name notes along the fretboard, play power chords and am working on lead techniques such as hammer ons and pull offs, as well as many other things!

I enjoy the fact that every lesson is unique and fun. Vicki takes the time to reconnect with everyone and gives us plenty of opportunities to ask any questions we may have (something I do too often). She is also quite happy to take a few moments and discuss songs I may be attempting to play outside of the lessons, offering tips and advice. The fact that I can pick a day of the week to come is great, and if I miss a lesson it’s not a problem. Vicki sends weekly emails of what we need to practise and there are several links to online lessons in the student’s area of the website so I can learn many things in my own time. The jam sessions and the twice yearly showcases that we do on stage for a bigger audience are quite fun and valuable to us as musicians.

If you are like so many other people I know who wish they hadn’t given up music lessons when they were younger, this is your chance! Don’t look behind you and feel sorry you never did it, look ahead of you and imagine what you could achieve! Within a single year of me having lessons with Vicki, I was up on stage playing “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, so if you are dedicated and passionate about learning guitar, that could be you! Stop watching endless videos on YouTube of people playing and wishing you could do that, get down here and do it!