Vicki is a great teacher and lets you learn at your own pace while pushing you to learn new ways of playing..

When I first enquired about taking lessons, I was looking for a teacher that was dedicated to teaching full time. My biggest worry was about being ripped off and not getting the experience I wanted. I wanted to learn as many songs as possible and become a rock/country star within a couple of months! My perception has changed because there is so much to learn about the guitar, and learning the basics is a must, building up speed between chord changes and playing to the beat is a fundamental part of the lesson. Vicki is a great teacher and lets you learn at your own pace while pushing you to learn new ways of playing. Also Vicki makes sure you learn chords and tab so there is always something to keep you occupied while practicing at home. We are always learning new chords or different variations of chords, developing our timing and learning string notes and notes on the fret board.

My favourite thing is playing with other people and seeing how they are progressing. The on-line content is great, especially when starting out. Vicki has all the songs we are learning on-line and you can play along with the recording at home. This is a great feature and one I use a lot. I tell my friends that it’s a fun, enjoyable and relaxing experience as Vicki makes you learn the basics and builds you up to become a confident player. When looking at new songs at home, I can now look at the tab and chords and play them comfortably. Also Vicki is very easy to talk to and if you have any questions in or out of lessons, you can always contact her. Vicki also invites students to jam sessions. This gives us the opportunity to play with other guitarists at different skill levels, a drummer and sometimes a bass player and anyone is welcome to sing. I love the jamming sessions and try to attend each one. I find this builds up my speed between chord changes and gives a ‘band like’ experience. Anyone can join so if your mates want to come along then he/she is more than welcome too!