This is Hari’s first time learning a musical instrument and I think he has made a solid start…

This is the first class that Hari has taken outside of his school and so we really did not know what to expect. Hari says he was expecting to learn to read notes right away but says that learning with tabs is a lot easier and so does not want Vicki to change anything. I was expecting something very generic and a one-many situation. Hari started with private lessons and I was immediately impressed by the level of attention Vicki pays to the student. The lessons are completely customised to each student and his/her learning style and this makes the student feel confident in his/her abilities to learn something completely new to them. Hari enjoys the group lessons now and loves practising at home. I can most definitely see how he has grown from knowing nothing about a guitar to being confident to play in front of people and enjoy it!

This is Hari’s first time learning a musical instrument and I think he has made a solid start. He now knows his notes and when he hears a popular tune, he tries to decode it to see if he can play it on his own. Hari says he loves it when different students play different parts of one song together – to the drum beats. Hari now enjoys the opportunity to attend lessons with other students who have been learning for some time as well as the opportunity to play at events like the Christmas party, which are perfect for a newbie to showcase what he has learnt.

I tell my friends about the personal attention that the students get, the opportunity to attend different classes, Vicki’s method of teaching and the interest she creates in students. Hari says Vicki makes learning/playing easier by sitting down with him and pointing out the tabs and allowing him to learn at his own speed. Vicki has given him an excellent start and now he is really interested in going ahead and maybe learning more instruments and continuing guitar to become an expert (like the ‘others’).