The lessons are refreshing, enjoyable and moreover allow you to learn at your own pace…

I undertook piano lessons as a child and was admittedly quite apprehensive that the lessons would be immersed in theory. The lessons are refreshing, enjoyable and moreover allow you to learn at your own pace. As with anything, you are able to reap the benefits of progress through both practice and dedication, however this (for me) works better in a relaxed learning environment. I can now competently play riffs and single string pieces, easily pick up and read guitar tabs and play various songs and chord progressions along to backing tracks.

The thing I enjoy most about the lessons is, strangely enough, playing alongside other students with similar abilities. It is good to know how good (or bad) you currently are doing, however you never feel that learning is a struggle as there are others in exactly the same situation! As I work in Central London, time is very important to me. Vicki offers allocated time slots in the flexibility that if you cannot make your usual appointment you can always make an alternative slot that week. Vicki is a great teacher who puts a lot of thought into her lesson content. She has an excellent accompanying correspondence on her website which adds to the learning experience! From a somewhat general perspective, Vicki is an excellent guitar teacher. She understands the ambitions of a 9 year old child in the pursuit of becoming the next Hendrix incarnate but also has plenty of time and support for those in retirement just looking to play recreationally. Her lessons are varied and the students themselves are able to learn at their own pace. I would highly recommend to anyone that has been putting off that New Year’s resolution to consider learning with Vicki