Guitar Lessons for Teens & Adults in Croydon

Croydon Guitar Tuition offers guitar lessons for teens and adults. Speak to a member of our team now for more details.

Have you always wanted to learn guitar?

Do you have a guitar gathering dust at home but you're not sure what to do with it?

Have you tried teaching yourself using a book or app but are finding it confusing?

Are you looking for a structured, easy to follow method which will have you playing your favourite songs in no time?

Learning Guitar Made Quicker & Easier

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our guitar programme for Teens & Adults is definitely for you!

Structured Learning

The most effective way to learn guitar is by using a tried and tested structured method. Our teen and adult students learn guitar the quickest & easiest way possible, taking in a combination of essential musical skills like rhythm, melody and notation. This ultimately enables them to play the music they love faster!

Learn Skills, Play Songs

You’ll learn the essential guitar skills you need to become a well-rounded musician, which will enable you to start playing your favourite songs as soon as possible. We know how important playing music you know and love is to you and, at Croydon Guitar Tuition, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to do this, as your skills improve. In addition, we use practice logs, checklists and certificates to help keep you accountable, measure your progress and ensure you stay motivated to keep learning more and become the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be. Once you’ve completed the basics, you’ll have opportunities to take music exams (we use both Rockschool or Trinity Rock & Pop syllabuses), specialise in your chosen style (e.g acoustic fingerstyle, blues, rock or metal) AND take part in our regular Jam Sessions and performances, which are a lot of fun!

Qualified and Professional Guitar Instructors

As experienced guitar teachers, and having been trained in the method we use for teen and adult learners, we know and understand the best ways to help you play your favourite songs as fast as possible .

Help & Support

When you learn with Croydon Guitar Tuition, your learning isn’t limited to your lessons themselves. In order to make the fastest progress you can, it’s important that you establish a practice routine at home and stick to it. This is where the majority of your learning and consolidation will actually take place, so this element is crucial in order for you to make progress. Otherwise, you run the serious risk of getting despondent and losing motivation (which unfortunately is all too common when a solid practice routine is lacking!). Luckily, we’ll make this easier for you by providing ongoing support in the form of downloadable online resources and phone and email contact in between lessons, which will make your practice at home a more fun and positive experience.

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