Guitar Lessons in Croydon for Junior Learners

Croydon Guitar Tuition offers specialist guitar lessons for children aged 7-12. Contact us for more information..

Are you looking for guitar lessons for your child aged 7-12?

Has your child shown an interest in learning an instrument?

Do you have a budding rock star in the family?

Do you want a structured method, which will allow your child to make progress AND have fun while they learn?

From Guitar Zero To Guitar Hero!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, our Junior Learners guitar programme is just what you need!

Structured Learning

The method we use for our junior learners has been specifically designed to help children between the ages of 7 and 12 learn guitar the quickest & easiest way possible. It also introduces them to essential musical skills like rhythm, melody and notation, which, studies have shown, help children to develop other educational and life skills!

Learn Skills, Play Songs

Your child will learn the essential guitar skills they need to become a well-rounded musician, which will enable them to start playing their favourite songs as soon as possible. Playing music they know and recognise is important to children of this age and, at Croydon Guitar Tuition, they’ll get plenty of opportunities to do this, as their skills improve.

In addition, we use games, checklists, rewards and certificates to help children both have fun while they learn AND gain a sense of progression, which will keep them motivated and hungry to learn more.

Once your child has completed the basics, they’ll have opportunities to take music exams (we use both Rockschool or Trinity Rock & Pop syllabuses) AND take part in our regular Jam Sessions and performances, which are a lot of fun!

Qualified and Professional Guitar Instructors

Children need to be taught differently from teenagers and adults and the method we use to teach them reflects this.

As experienced guitar teachers, and having been trained in the Junior Learner method, we know and understand the best ways to bring out your child’s musical potential.

Parent Support

As a parent, it’s essential that you are involved in your child’s learning and practice at all times.

You’ll need to know what your child is learning and how to support them by establishing a practice routine at home and sticking to it. This is where the majority of their learning and consolidation will actually take place, so this element is crucial if you want your child to engage with their learning and not get bored and want to give up (which unfortunately is all too common when this support is lacking!).

Luckily, we’ll make this easier for you by providing ongoing support, which will make your child’s practice at home a fun and positive experience.


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