Guitar Events in Croydon

If you are looking to attend guitar events in Croydon, get in touch with Croydon Guitar Tuition today.

Improve your guitar playing skills

If you want to start playing guitar or want to improve your current level of playing, we are here for you. At Croydon Guitar Tuition, we offer bespoke guitar lessons for beginners and advanced level players.

We also offer acoustic jam sessions and guitar jam sessions. Speak to us now for more information.

Kids’ jam sessions

Whether your child is an advanced guitar player or completely new to music, you can count on Croydon Guitar Tuition. Our kids’ jam sessions are here to boost their confidence playing in front of an audience.


kids jam sessions

Jam sessions for beginners

If you’re new to guitar and want to gain confidence performing, our beginners’ jam sessions are for you. Our sessions help people practice their existing skills in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We also conduct band workshops.


beginner jam sessions

Acoustic jam sessions

At Croydon Guitar Tuition, we offer acoustic jam sessions for guitar players, giving them the chance to play with other musicians. Our sessions are perfect for guitar players of all ages and abilities.


acoustic jam sessions

Blues and rock jams

Are you an experienced guitar player? Do you want to jam with other talented musicians? At Croydon Guitar Tuition, we give our students the chance to hone their skills while boosting their confidence to play in public. Contact us to book your slot.  


blues and rock jam sessions


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