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My name is Vicki Workman and, here at G4 Guitar Croydon, teachers Mike, Jimmy, Zak and I have helped hundreds of people get started on guitar or improve their existing skills.  We are now offering guitar lessons in Croydon & online and specialise in helping kids & beginners realise their guitar-playing ambitions.

I began teaching guitar in October 2005, after deciding I wanted to combine my love of music with an enjoyable and rewarding career. In 2012 I moved to a full time teaching location & in 2015 took on two teachers. We became part of the G4 Guitar Network in 2018 after discovering a step by step method that is perfect for our students.  There are now four of us regularly running lessons, workshops and putting on performances for our students in Croydon & online plus many more taking part in our teacher training programme.

about the g4 guitar network

structured method

Most guitar students quit within their first year of lessons & the main reason for this is that they don’t have a clear path so that they can easily measure their progress. The G4 Guitar Method has been developed over 30+ years and is constantly reviewed & updated by our network of teachers and students all over the world.

It consists of a series of levels & checklists so that you can see at a glance where you are on your guitar journey and what you need to work on next. The network is bigger than just one teacher, or even one school, and it enables us to ensure we are continually providing the highest quality learning experience we can. Combined with our additional video tutorials & opportunities to jam & collaborate with others, it allows our students to get the best of both worlds – learning the 7 essential skills of guitar and putting them into practice to play the music they love!


support in between lessons

With us, the feedback continues outside of our students’ regular lessons. We encourage our students to send in videos of themselves playing, provide additional resources (e.g songs) for them to work on and have a Facebook group just for our students, in which we post daily songs, activities and motivational tips!


Without regular practice (between 10 & 30 minutes a day, most days a week), students won’t make meaningful progress and this is what often leads to frustration and, eventually, the student’s decision to quit.  The G4 Guitar Method includes a daily practice log, which we require our students to fill out. This enables us to ensure our students are putting in the required amount of practice so that they keep making progress, feel good about their playing and, ultimately, become confident, successful guitar players.


The excitement many people initially feel when they pick up their brand new guitar and imagine themselves effortlessly playing their favourite songs can be short-lived once the reality of learning how to play it kicks in! Like any new skill, learning guitar takes time, persistence and dedication. No wonder 90% of new guitarists quit within the first year.

Those who do stick at it can often spend years “learning” guitar but rarely, if ever, get to actually “play” it. This could be through choice (e.g lack of confidence in their playing abilities) or opportunity (they may not have a ‘jam buddy’ or someone to play with outside of their lessons).

Our mission is to re-dress this balance. Guitar is a sociable instrument and we have found that students have the most fun and make the most progress when they learn with others. Often more than the lessons themselves, these connections will help you or your child to stay motivated, keep learning and maybe even get out of your comfort zone and end up onstage at one of our performance events!

Although it is never too late to start, learning guitar from a young age helps nurture a life-long love of music in children and gives them a fun and rewarding skill which will stay with them throughout their lives. Many of our current students started with us at just 5 or 6 years old and now, as teenagers, are at grade 7-8 standard and regularly jam together, form bands & even take part in our teacher training programme! 

We structure our guitar lessons, classes and events with the aim of not only teaching you the skills you need but also helping you to apply and adapt these skills into the music you want to play. Our students get regular opportunities to perform at special events run by us and in the wider Croydon music community. We encourage collaboration, not just with other guitar players but also with other musicians.

After all, this is what playing guitar should be all about!

We look forward to welcoming you, regardless of your age or ability, into our community of dedicated guitar players. 


Get your first 5 guitar lessons plus all learning materials for just £79.  To book your lessons or find out more, simply fill out the form  and we will be in touch! 

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