Facebook Live Q&A Episode #5

Every Friday afternoon, we go live in our Facebook group to answer questions from our students and give playing & practice tips.


In this episode, Vicki & Jimmy were joined by current student and trainee teacher Aaryan to talk about his musical journey from complete beginner at age 7 through discovering his passion for music and ultimately joining our teacher training programme..

Topics covered included:

  • What Aaryan found hardest to master when he was a beginner
  • Aaryan’s first performance aged just 7!
  • When he discovered he wanted to become a serious musician (clue: it wasn’t at age 7)
  • Why having clear goals are critical to keep motivation high
  • Similarities between playing metal & jazz
  • Why drums are a good instrument to learn alongside guitar
  • How to play triplets properly
  • The unquantifiable benefits of playing in a band (+ how much fun it is!)
  • G4 Guitar Method vs Grades
  • Why Aaryan wanted to become a guitar teacher

A must-watch for parents of younger students or anyone interested in the journey one student took from being a complete beginner to training to be a guitar teacher within 10 years.



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