Facebook Live Q&A episode #3

Every Friday afternoon, we go live in our Facebook group to answer questions from our students and give playing & practice tips.

In this episode, Mike was joined by fellow guitar teacher Zak Dajani & together they covered a LOT of ground:

  • The importance of practicing slowly
  • Why learning guitar is like weight training
  • Bracing techniques for stopping unwanted string noise
  • Picking techniques for developing speed
  • Sequencing 3 note per string scales for picking practice
  • Muting strings with picking & fretting hands
  • Scale practice: improvising licks along to backing tracks
  • Why you should split your time between playing for fun & working at the limits of your ability
  • Have patience: It won’t happen immediately but with time & persistence, you will become the guitar player you want to be!

Lots of great info here for guitar players of all levels.


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