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We are focussed on building a community of awesome guitar players who love music as much as we do!

It is important to us to keep our community thriving, especially for our younger students, who will be missing their friends and adapting to new routines.

This is why we have moved all our guitar lessons online.

As part of the G4 Guitar Network, our teachers are trained in delivering our structured, fun and easy-to-follow method and we are finding that many of our students are now MORE engaged and making FASTER progress, as they have more time to devote to their learning.


Why learn guitar with Croydon guitar tuition?

  • Structured lessons, using the G4 Guitar Method, which is suitable for ages 4 years to adults
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate players
  • Support outside of lessons via phone, email & our exclusive Facebook group
  • Have fun learning, jamming & performing with others at our regular student events

Whatever your or your child’s age or ability, if you are serious about playing the music you love on guitar and you live in Croydon or any of its surrounding areas – Waddon, Purley, Coulsdon, Thornton Heath, Sutton, West Wickham or Mitcham – then you have come to the right place!  We’ll provide you or your child with the knowledge and skills you need to play the music you love, as soon as possible.



Many of our students feel ready sooner than they’d ever have imagined to take part in one of our regular performance events! These are a great way to experience the unbeatable thrill of live performance with a full band, build playing confidence and socialise with other like-minded musicians.  We also love giving our students opportunities to perform at local festivals such as The Croydon Food & Music festival and Cro Cro Land, ensuring they can grow as musicians outside of their lessons.

We want to get back to these events as soon as it’s safe to do so but for now we are doing what we can to keep our students busy at home.

Check out some of our students still keeping up with their learning & playing while at home.


Well done everyone!


g4 GUITAR method – our PROGRAMMES

young beginners

An introduction to guitar for children aged 4-6


Structured, fun, easy-to-follow guitar lessons for children aged 7-11


A proven method of guitar instruction for teens & adults aged 12+

When You LEARN Guitar With US, You or your child Will

Learn the right things, in the right order, at the right time, so that you can measure your progress and not get overwhelmed trying to do too much, too soon
Enjoy the process of learning and practicing, so that you make fast, continuous progress
Learn how to practice the guitar effectively, so that you can gain maximum results
Regularly play with others, so that you can contextualise your playing in real-life musical situations
Improve motivation, relieve stress and enjoy the many benefits of sociable music-making!
Play the songs you love, which will help keep you excited and inspired
Improve your rhythm, timing, technique, aural skills and general musicianship
Experience the unbeatable thrill of live performance
Get opportunities to record yourself playing guitar, so that you can hear how far you’ve come!
Access countless additional extras such as jam sessions, showcases, special workshops and much, much more


The excitement many people initially feel when they pick up their brand new guitar and imagine themselves effortlessly playing their favourite songs can be short-lived once the reality of learning how to play it kicks in! Like any new skill, learning guitar takes time, persistence and dedication. No wonder 90% of new guitarists quit within the first year.

Those who do stick at it can often spend years “learning” guitar but rarely, if ever, get to actually “play” it. This could be through choice (e.g lack of confidence in their playing abilities) or opportunity (they may not have a ‘jam buddy’ or someone to play with outside of their lessons).

Our mission at is to re-dress this balance. We understand the importance of being around other guitar players learning alongside you and that, often more than the lessons themselves, these connections will help you or your child to stay motivated, keep learning and maybe even get out of your comfort zone and end up onstage at one of our performance events!

We structure our guitar lessons, classes and events with the aim of not only teaching you the skills you need but also helping you to apply and adapt these skills into the music you want to play.

about us

My name is Vicki Workman and, here at Croydon Guitar Tuition, my teachers and I have helped many people of all ages get started on guitar or improve their existing skills.

Guitar is a sociable instrument and students have the most fun and make the most progress learning with others. Although it is never too late to start, learning guitar from a young age helps nurture a life-long love of music in children and gives them a fun and rewarding skill which will stay with them throughout their lives. Many of our current students started with us at just 5 or 6 years old and now, as teenagers, are at grade 7-8 standard and regularly jam together and even form bands! We look forward to welcoming everyone, regardless of age or ability, into our community of dedicated guitar players.

 Our students get regular opportunities to perform at special events run by us and in the wider Croydon music community. We encourage collaboration, not just with other guitar players but also with other musicians.

After all, this is what playing guitar should be all about!




Get your first 5 guitar lessons plus all learning materials for just £79.  To book your lessons or find out more, simply fill out the form  and we will be in touch! 

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